Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's a Rainy Night and It's All Good

It is Saturday night, the rain is falling, the creeks and rivers are flooding, and I am just chillin' in my son's second floor apartment, where I am safe and dry.

I actually took the evening off. I declined to go to a friend's house for the evening. I really did not want to drive across town in the heavy rain, plus I know he is pet sitting his son's HUGE dog, who loves to rub his big hairy body against me and get hair all over my clothes. Also, because the dog is allowed on the furniture, there is dog hair everywhere. I love dogs, but not undisciplined ones who won't stay off the furniture and who won't stay off me.

So I stayed in, got caught up on my email, polished my nails for the first time in months, and watched the ten o'clock news. I also took some time to organize the things in my suitcase so I could pack my overnight bag and be ready to head back to my other son's house at a moment's notice. I was there all week, doing the grocery shopping, the cooking, laundry, walking the dogs, etc. I made a huge pot of bean soup today and then left so my son and his wife can have some time to themselves this weekend before the big event on Tuesday.

Tuesday morning, their daugther, Sophia Marie, will arrive via C-section around nine o'clock. I am pretty stoked about that. I won't be present for the surgery, but I will be at the hospital and will get to see the baby as soon as she is born. Pretty exciting stuff. I have been doing everything I can to make my daughter-in-law's life easier this final week. She worked all week at her job, and yesterday was her last day until mid-May. She insisted on going to Costco on her own today, even though her ankles are very swollen. So I made sure there was plenty of food made, the kitchen clean, house straightened, and nothing to stress the mama to be unnecessarily, then headed out in the rain.

I am so happy to be part of this new life. It feels like a "bonus" and it is. I will spend a week with my son's family after mama and baby get home so Camille will not have to climb up and down stairs for the first few days. Who knows? It may be tough to go back home. I cannot wait to hold that baby girl, and I could get used to being with her really easily. I have sent lots of prayers up to God that this new life will be a normal healthy little girl.

In terms of food and exercise, today was erratic. I "moved" a lot but did not do my exercising, per se. Food for kind of off the wall, but I am okay for the day. I HAD to test the bean soup; since I don't use a recipe, I never know exactly how it is going to taste, so I checked it out, made some adjustments, then tested it again. I had celery and an apple for breakfast, tasted the bean and ham soup for lunch, then had sugar free popcorn and rice cakes for dinner. Snack of an apple with a few slices of cheese finished up the day. Still taking in water.

I find it is more challenging to get my water down here. I need to set up my "system" like I have at home: each evening, I fill six of the 16.9 oz water bottles and line them up so I am ready to go the next morning. That, plus the bottle I drink during the night and my one or two mugs of coffee in the morning, pretty well take care of my hydration needs. I have not been as disciplined here in Oregon with my water, so I need to clean up my act.

I lost only one pound this week, and shorting myself on the water is probably the reason. My daughter-in-law (bless her heart!!) told me yesterday that I looked slim. What sweet words to my ears...

I really want to be healthy, which means at a healthy weight. My loss seems so very slow compared to so many others, but the fat IS coming off, and for that I am so grateful. Thank you, God.

I noticed something different about my legs this morning as I undressed for my shower: the skin on my legs looks "uneven" and sort of "wrinkly" and I can pinch a layer of fat on my lower legs as well as my upper legs. I "think" I have lost some inches on my legs and the unevenness I am seeing is the result of the skin on my legs being looser. Not a look I particularly like, but I will take it for now... Beats being so fat I cannot pinch an inch.

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  1. Awwww...a new baby on the way is SO exciting! I'm sending up prayers for a safe, healthy delivery and baby girl. :) Congrats on that pound!